ChatGPT is about to take off! OpenAI just hired a world-class product manager

Peter Deng, a well-known super product manager in Silicon Valley, has worked as a product manager for companies such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Oculus VR, Uber, and cloud collaboration service platform Airtable since his internship at Microsoft in 2005.


He is a super product person who has handled countless big dau products. He announced today that he has joined OpenAI as VP of consumer products.


He shared on LinkedIn:

Today, I will be joining OpenAI as Vice President of Consumer Products. I'm excited to lead the exceptional product, design and engineering team behind ChatGPT with the goal of making AI useful, accessible and beneficial for everyone.


We are at the crossroads of a new era of computing, and there is still much to build. From pioneering new interaction paradigms to crafting accessibility features that make people more productive and creative, we're just scratching the surface. It's an honor—and an incredible sense of responsibility—to help build on the team's accomplishments and play a little part in shaping the future of AI. Exciting times are coming!

Peter Deng graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor's degree in symbolic systems and a master's degree in media studies/public relations.


In 2005 Peter Deng interned at Microsoft as a project management intern for Windows Mobile.


After graduation, he joined Google and was responsible for the product marketing of developer products.


Deng's famous resume is at Facebook, first as a product manager of Facebook, from the first version of Facebook Chat, the early update of the Event (event) function, he dominated the news feed and homepage for two years, These two functions have been redesigned, as well as user profile pages, groups (Groups) and other functions.


Basically all the core functions and products of Facebook, he is one of the most important product heroes in the process of Facebook embracing mobile. During this period, Deng was well-known in the industry and was called Facebook's product star (star manager).

Zuckerberg is very, very fond of him, as shown in:


In 2013, Facebook had just completed the acquisition of Instagram, and Zuckerberg appointed Peter Deng as Instagram Product Director;


In early 2016, more than a year after Facebook acquired Oculus, Peter Deng became the head of product management at Oculus.


After Zuckerberg buys something he likes, he will give it to Peter Deng.

Deng later joined Uber as head of Rider (passenger business), leading all consumer products and helping the company achieve significant growth before going public.


Then Deng left Uber and joined Airtable, an enterprise service company with a valuation of more than tens of billions of dollars.


At the end of 2022, he left Airtable and announced today that he is joining OpenAI.


He will be in charge of ChatGPT's product, design and engineering teams.

From Deng's resume, it can be seen that he is very good at considering a large number of users (rather than a small number of geeks), adapting to the needs of different products such as mobile, VR, enterprise services, and ultimately serving growth.


Recently, data shows that the number of active users of ChatGPT has declined, which is directly related to the end of the early adopter period of the technology and the imperfect experience of the product itself.


OpenAI has just launched the iOS version of ChatGPT, which has been provided for free download in many countries. At this time, Sam Altman found Peter Deng, who has handled many products with over 100 million users, and it is obvious that he expects ChatGPT as a C-end product.










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