Inventory of 13 zero-cost potential airdrop projects: Linea, Base, Scrol, Sei, etc.



The big v of twitter, ardizor, who claims to be a short hunter, posted a long tweet, sharing 13 potential short projects in his opinion.



1. Shardeum

An EVM-based L1 blockchain with infinite scalability and atomic cross-shard composability.


It uses dynamic state sharding technology, which can increase TPS (transactions per second) every time a new node is added.


2. Base

Low-cost, developer-friendly L2 blockchain designed to bring 1 billion+ users to Web3.


It's secure, customizable, and will accommodate Coinbase's on-chain offerings while remaining an open playground for anyone to build on.



layer2 zk-rollup, scalable Ethereum. With native compatibility to existing applications and tools, Scroll is the answer to your scalability needs. Three key components: scalability, EVM equivalence, and security.


4. Linea

The layer2 zero-knowledge proof zkevm built by metamask uses Linea, and developers can build applications on the replicated Ethereum environment, just like on the main network.


5. Zetachain

Breaking down the barriers of cross-chain and multi-chain issues, opening the door to an inclusive crypto and global financial ecosystem. Also, they have a lot of former employees like Binance and Coinbase backing them.



is the ultimate modular execution layer, offering unrivaled security and flexible throughput.


Main features, parallel transaction execution, Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM), developer tools using Sway language and Forc toolchain.


7. Taiko

It is the new ZK-Rollup equivalent of Ethereum, which simulates Ethereum through a distributed and secure second-layer architecture, thereby supporting all EVM transaction codes and improving its scalability


8. Polyhedra

Enables seamless asset transfer, messaging and data sharing between Web2 and Web3 systems, maximizing efficiency and reducing trust issues



It is a protocol built on Ethereum, which introduces a re-mortgage (restaking) mechanism.


EigenLayer allows users to “re-hypothecate” tokens that are locked to validate Ethereum so that these tokens can be reused to help secure other protocols.


10. Sei

is an L1 blockchain that provides advantages for DeFi applications.


With Sei, you can experience DeFi like never before, with user experience and bandwidth comparable to centralized exchanges.



is an Ethereum scaling technology stack with a modular architecture using optimistic Rollup and a unique data availability solution.


Developed by Bybit's founder (BitDAO), the mainnet could launch in a few months.


12. Quai Network

is an L1 blockchain that achieves a throughput of 50,000+ TPS without sacrificing security or decentralization.



Smart contract platform leading the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) It is built on an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain, prioritizing "for the benefit" solutions.




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