Only the poor are obsessed with technology

Poor people have a natural paranoia about technology.

A skill can solve the problem of food and clothing at most. Anyone who is obsessed with technology cannot escape the fate of the poor.


In the concept of the poor, with technology, there is the ability to eat. They take it for granted that the better the technology, the more money they will make.


Therefore, the poor especially love to study various skills courses, take various qualification certificates, and then list them in their resumes to gild their resumes.


However, the truth is that, purely on technology, revenues can quickly hit the ceiling.


You are alone, and you only have 24 hours a day. Even if you are a perpetual motion machine, without eating or drinking, and working day and night, your output is limited, and your income is of course limited.


Those who blindly pursue technology are all caused by the thinking of the poor.


Do you think the boss is more skilled than the employees? no. Why? Because the boss doesn't expect to rely on technology to make a living at all.


If the boss relied on technology, the company would have collapsed long ago, and the employees would have left long ago.


The boss relies on management, operation, and the opening up of the entire closed-loop business chain. This is fundamentally different from the thinking of migrant workers.


It is enough to do the operation well. If you are a salesperson, it is enough to do a good job in sales.


Employees in a certain position only need to complete the work in this link that they are responsible for. Don't worry about things other than your job.


However, the boss, from the perspective of the overall situation, from the perspective of the entire business closed loop, cannot devote all his energy to only one link.


In other words, he cannot be paranoid about a certain technology. Because people's time and energy are limited.


Operations, sales, administration..., these specific tasks, the boss spends thousands of dollars in wages, and most of them are rushed to do it, why do it yourself?


Technology is worthless, and the boss can buy the technology that others have worked hard to learn for several years with a small amount of money.


So, do you understand now that the boss does not need to be a generalist, all-rounder, decathlon, or proficient in a certain technology, as long as he can control the overall situation.


The project has made a profit, and if a little profit is distributed to the employees, the employees will be very happy and grateful to the boss, thinking that they must improve their working ability and continue to work hard for the boss.


Therefore, if the poor want to make a lot of money, they must jump out of the inertial thinking that is restrained by technology.


Think about which links are involved in a complete business closed loop, which production elements are needed, how to combine these elements, how to connect with customers, how to charge, and run through the business closed loop independently.


Once you start to think like this, and jump out of the obsession with technology, you start to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and you will jump out of the mouse track of beating workers.


With the accelerated evolution of artificial intelligence, many jobs such as copywriting and painting will be replaced. A large number of migrant workers who used to be proud of their skills may be forced to lose their jobs.


Therefore, the sense of security brought by technology no longer exists, and is replaced by a heavy sense of crisis.


What you have to do is not to find ways to improve technology. On the contrary, what you have to do is how to get rid of the obsession with technology.


If you want to make money, you have to be close to money. You only study technology and don't study making money. Of course, it's normal that you can't make money.


You have to redesign your money-making system from the perspective of the entire business model.




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