The AI virtual girlfriend connected to GPT-4 earns 500,000 a week!

With the explosion of ChatGPT, many brain-opening AI applications have emerged on the Internet.


Recently, a foreign lady named Caryn Marjorie made a show operation, trained a virtual personality based on GPT-4, and packaged it into an AI application, so that all fans can communicate with her.


Caryn sells herself as a virtual girlfriend for $1 per minute. After it went live on May 2, her income began to soar, reaching an astonishing $70,000. Converted to RMB at the current exchange rate, that is 500,000!


And this only took a week.


Who is Caryn Marjorie? Why is it so hot?


Don't worry, let me explain to you in detail.


Caryn Marjorie, just 23 years old, is a Snapchat influencer with 1.8 million followers on the platform, and her male fans are obsessed with her outstanding looks and tall figure.



Everyone should be familiar with Snapchat. In the early days, it was welcomed by many young audiences because of the function of burning after reading. It was all the rage among the student groups at that time.


Freshness, excitement, and a focus on privacy protection made the company that developed this app a unicorn at the time.


After many years, the use of this application has also begun to extend to various unspeakable fields.


Because of too many fans, Caryn did not have enough energy to interact with everyone. Therefore, she used OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model to create a virtual girlfriend robot named CarynAI.


In addition to using GPT-4's ability to communicate, Caryn also worked with Forever Voices to further enhance her personality and voice.


The company has previously released virtual character versions of Jobs, Taylor Swift, Trump and many other celebrities.


The CarynAI launched this time is a more complex version on a technical level, because not only must it communicate like a real person, but it also needs to provide fans with a girlfriend-like experience that allows them to connect emotionally.


To this end, Miss Sister uploaded nearly 2,000 hours of personal YouTube video content to train her personality, voice, and emotions.


In order to prevent users from becoming addicted to chatting, the CarynAI application is also forcibly set to only chat for an hour at most, and then it takes a short break before continuing to chat. Even so, some users spend hours chatting with her every day.


At present, of the 1.8 million fans of Miss Sister, more than 20,000 fans have paid, and the number of paying fans is still rising. With the reports of major mainstream media, many people who eat melons should also join in.


Caryn estimated that according to the current income situation, the monthly income in the future should reach 5 million US dollars, converted into RMB, that would be almost 35 million in that month, which is too crazy...


What's even more outrageous is that to chat with this AI virtual girlfriend now, you need to apply through the waitlist before you can use it.


According to the current progress, it is estimated that there will be another 96 hours...










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