Why do most people not make money?

Most people work very hard and want to be rich, but they just can't make money.

There must be a reason for this. However, many people are always suffering from the result of not making money, but rarely reflect on why they can't make money.


Most people just shout that he wants to make money, but they are unwilling to put in much effort, and their dreams are greater than their actual actions.


There are so many money-making projects on the Internet, if you pick one out and stick to it to the end, no matter how bad your brain is and how stupid you are than others, you won’t be able to earn tens of thousands of dollars.


But most people can't even do that.


You asked him to update the official account every day, and at the beginning he was also full of passion, as if he had been injected with chicken blood.


After a few days, the number of readings did not increase, and the number of fans did not increase, so I became discouraged and frustrated, feeling that I was not the material, and then gave up halfway.


You said, if you can make money with this attitude, even pigs can climb trees.


Laziness is a disease that can be cured. Some people would rather suffer the pain of moving bricks than the pain of making money. This kind of person deserves to be unable to make money, and he is not worthy of sympathy for a second.


In addition to complaining, anxiety, and spreading negative energy, these people are really messed up in action.


There are more public accounts, short videos, and platforms, and more projects will grow from the platforms.


You just take root on any platform, execute a project, and stick to it for a year or two, not to mention the small goal of 100 million, and you can definitely earn a million a year.


For some people, making money is very simple, like playing. For other people, it is as difficult as climbing the sky.


No way, sometimes the gap between people is really bigger than the gap between two species.


Some people think about how to make money and make more money every day, while some people think about where to play and what to eat every day, and what they think about is how to spend money.


For the people behind, don't persuade him. I persuaded people to be angry, and I will be impatient with you later.


If you really want to help him, you should pay him directly to prove that you are really doing his best. Because some people are hands-on parties, and they are giant babies in terms of making money.


To make money, you have to enlighten yourself and rely on your own subjective initiative.


For those who are enlightened, if you call him in the morning, he will start in the afternoon, and there is no need for others to follow behind to urge him.


If you don’t know how to do it, even if you teach him by hand, he either complains that the flow is difficult to manage, or he thinks the project is difficult to do.


When you start making money, it is already difficult. Why is it your turn to make good money? who do you think You Are? Xiaoshuai or Xiaomei?


When you have accumulated a certain amount, you are eligible to choose. Otherwise, you just beg for food and think it's bad.


After a long time, others will be scared when they see you, so you can play slowly by yourself. No one will be willing to take you with you anymore, so as not to be infected by your negative energy.


People who can't make money, in addition to being lazy, have another shortcoming that they are afraid, afraid of this and that, and afraid of risks to death.


He can be so happy that he can't sleep when he makes money, but he can't recover when he loses money. Want to make a lot of money, but afraid of taking big risks, how can you think so beautifully.


Those who counterattacked and turned over, which one didn't lose their skin and flesh. You see that people are glamorous, but you only see thieves eating meat, but you don't see thieves being beaten.


The weak will always look secretive and timid.


To make a lot of money, you have to be more vigorous, put in ten times and a hundred times more effort than others, frantically engage in traffic and transactions, cut down the nonsense, and you're done.




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