Windows Copilot, here we come!

On May 23, the Microsoft 2023 Build Developer Conference officially opened. Like Google I/O and Apple WWDC, Microsoft releases various new products at the Build conference every year.


Since ChatGPT has exploded in recent months and Microsoft is its largest shareholder, this press conference can be said to have attracted much attention. Many Internet practitioners hope to get a glimpse of the future AI era from this conference.


In the past period of time, students who are more concerned about the AIGC field should also be able to see that Microsoft has been making continuous efforts to integrate AIGC capabilities into its various platforms, including search engine Bing, browser Edge, GitHub, and Office Family Bucket, and There is still no sign of slowing down anytime soon.


At this Microsoft Build 2023 conference, most of the products are also centered around artificial intelligence, with many highlights. So much so that when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced the product, the audience burst into applause and screams many times.


A total of more than 50 updates have been released in this Build, with a lot of content. I will split them into two articles and publish them, corresponding to productivity tools and developer tools respectively.


Today's article is the first one. It mainly explains the Build conference. Microsoft introduces several eye-catching and amazing products for all users.


These include:

  • An AI assistant for everyone: Windows Copilot is here!
  • The Bing Chat plug-in feature is coming soon;
  • Edge browser will be deeply integrated with 365 Copilot.


Without further ado, let's get down to business.


An AI assistant for everyone: Windows Copilot is here!

Two months ago, Microsoft announced Windows 365 Copilot, which directly broke the existing traditional Internet office methods. Push Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other products into the AI era abruptly.


Today, Microsoft made another big move and officially launched Windows Copilot to deeply integrate AI into the future Windows 11 system. It is no longer a dream to have an AI assistant for everyone.


Users can quickly summon Copilot directly on the Windows system toolbar to provide various intelligent services.


For example, we can talk to Copilot, let it switch the computer theme, set the desktop wallpaper, play a few songs suitable for listening to programming, set a Logo and send it to colleagues for reference.


All of this can be done through dialogue. As humans, we only need to give instructions to the AI and it will start to operate.


With the increase of various plug-ins, there will be more and more things that Windows Copilot can do in the future.


We could even have AI customize our itineraries, doing a whole host of things that human assistants can do.


For example, we can give it a command like:


I'm in Silicon Valley now, and I'm going to the xxx Technology Building in New York at five o'clock this Saturday for a meeting. The theme of the meeting is "How will AIGC affect human life?" ".

Now I need you to help me write a speech and make the whole travel plan according to my usual preferences.


Then, Copilot can help you set up calendars and alarm clock reminders, book air tickets, book hotels, arrange driver pick-ups, make Word speeches and PPTs, provide multiple visual Excel data reports, and more.


What used to require hiring a secretary or assistant can now be done with the help of Windows Copilot.


At present, Microsoft has officially launched more than 50 plug-ins, and will launch thousands of plug-ins in the next step. Developers can develop and customize plug-ins by themselves, and open them to all users.



I think it should only be a matter of time before OpenAI’s technical capabilities + Microsoft’s audience platform and third-party partners are combined to create an AI-based intelligent ecosystem.


Windows Copilot will start public testing next month and gradually open to all users. You can look forward to it.


Bing Chat plugin feature coming soon


Last week, OpenAI officially opened up the plug-in function for all ChatGPT Plus users, allowing everyone to use various plug-in combinations to make ChatGPT more powerful.


At this Build conference, Microsoft also announced that it will integrate plug-in functions on Bing next, allowing developers and users to create plug-ins for multiple chatbots.



At the same time, Bing will also become ChatGPT's default search engine, providing better web search capabilities.


Bing, with its plug-ins, is more powerful than ever.


We can now not only replace ChatGPT chat with Bing, but also use the plug-in function to summarize, translate, extract specific information on the current page, and assist in writing articles and documents.


If you integrate some third-party shopping plug-ins, you can also realize online ordering, shopping, booking air tickets and hotels while browsing the page by the way.


Edge browser will be deeply integrated with 365 Copilot


Windows should be one of the operating systems with the largest market share at present. Many Internet practitioners will choose Windows as their daily office tool. Whether it is processing data reports, writing market analysis reports, education and training speeches, etc., they cannot do without it. The Office family bucket that we are familiar with.


In order to allow users to use these tools more efficiently, Microsoft intends to combine Edge with 365 Copilot.



When you use Edge to browse the web, you can quickly wake up the AI robot on the sidebar, use the current website content, quickly compose Outlook emails, or write documents such as Word and Excel.


In other words, Edge will also become an AI smart browser that can assist in office work. Through it, we can quickly complete operations such as drafting emails, adding web page data to Excel, generating product reports based on website content, etc.



Windows 365 Copilot, which has opened up the networking function, will also begin to undergo qualitative changes in its capabilities.


It can be predicted that those who can make good use of this tool in the future will experience a terrifying increase in their production efficiency.


write at the end


Microsoft is using its existing desktop platform, combined with OpenAI's technical capabilities, to start building a new Internet AI empire.


At this Build conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said a word that I very much agree with.


The value of technology is to help humans improve existing medical conditions, prolong life, and provide better living conditions. Give human enlightenment, so that various educational conditions can be evenly distributed.


The same is true for the birth of AI. Its existence is to help human beings to give full play to their imagination, to allow more industries to develop innovatively, and to promote the progress of the entire human social civilization.


With this update of Microsoft, Google and Apple will also start to deploy AI applications and tools in various fields.


AI will refresh our cognition in all aspects, and all of this begins with the birth of an app called ChatGPT.





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